Who is Paul Joseph McNamee?

I create websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs to establish an online presence and flourish in the digital age.

I am currently living in Denver Colorado. I have had a huge passion for computers, programming, gaming, mechanical things, and basically anything relating to how things work since I was pretty young (sorry for taking everything apart as a child Mom and Dad...). As I continue to educate people and become a mentor at work and outside of work, I thought it would be useful to document some of it for the rest of the world to enjoy instead of just the people I am immediately surrounded by. I have always been a hard worker and a smart worker. I automate the stuff I don't really want to do, or figure out a way to have someone or something else do it for me to minimize my efforts in the long run. I love programming, but my interests definitely extend way beyond computers. Fun fact, I was heavily considering doing ceramics full time as a career path. I also like to hike, fish, snowboard, make beer (and drink it), and lots of other stuff which I hope to also incorporate into this blog.